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We provide four levels of comprehensive support at various GNFC venues and through a variety of services.

Level one:

Specific Recovery support for women with higher level or complex needs (and young children where appropriate).

Level two:

Residential Family Centre for women with a variety of medium level support needs. Women leaving residential recovery are offered a period of stabilisation prior to resettling in the wider community.

Level three:

Community Outreach support through the process of moving out into independent living. On-going courses, activities and drop in groups.

Level four:

Farm and community–based Skills development training projects, Providing opportunities for continuity of support and empowerment for the future. Available for all clients across our services – for as long as each individual requires.

As an organisation we are committed to the Family. We work closely with parents and children –no matter what needs or challenges they may present- to empower and strengthen each family unit in a caring, supported ‘extended family’ setting.

Want to find out more?

For more details - or to find out more about freedom2live, call Chriss Norman on 01298 24761 or click on the "contact us" tab at the top of the page

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